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Exited investments

This list shows most of the realised investments made by Umoe AS and/or Umoe Gruppen AS. For listed companies, the acquisition year indicates when Umoe first started buying shares, and the divestment year indicates when Umoe had sold all its shares.

Umoe Sterkoder

Sector: real estate
Acquired 1991
Divested 2022

Umoe Restaurants

Sector: consumer services
Acquired 2002
Divested 2021


Sector: construction
Acquired 2004
Divested 2015 (telecom division) and 2020 (electrical installations division)

REC Silicon

Sector: renewables/manufacturing
Acquired 2010
Divested 2020

Knutsen OAS Shipping

Sector: shipping
Acquired 1984
Divested 2008 (shuttle tanker division) and 2020 (LNG division).

Fornebu Lumber

Sector: forestry
Acquired 2009
Divested 2018


Sector: manufacturing
Acquired 1986
Divested 2013


Sector: manufacturing
Acquired 2003
Divested 2011

Umoe IKT

Sector: IT
Acquired 2004
Divested 2010

Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS)

Sector: oil services
Acquired 2002
Divested 2010


Sector: industrial services
Acquired 1996
Divested 2005

Umoe Oil & Gas

Sector: manufacturing
Acquired 1990
Divested 2000