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Current investments

Our portfolio currently consists of a combination of wholly owned subsidiaries, majority owned companies, and minority positions. Umoe is represented on the boards of all our portfolio companies.

Umoe Bioenergy (UBE)

UBE is a producer of sustainable bioethanol and electricity from sugar cane in the State of Sao Paulo in Brazil. UBE operates 40,000 ha of leased arable land reserves, state-of-the art mechanised production and a mill with a crushing capacity of 2.5 million tonnes. For a video presentation, please click on the button below.

Umoe Advanced Composites (UAC)

UAC is a global leader in the supply of cost-leading solutions for containment, storage and transportation of large volumes of hydrogen, biogas, and CNG based on the use of advanced glass fibre composite material technology. UAC is located in Kristiansand, Norway, but is also the leading partner of a joint venture established outside Shanghai, China. This JV is preparing to construct a cutting-edge factory 2 1/2 times the size of UAC’s planned capacity. For a video presentation, please click on the button below.

Umoe Mandal

Umoe Mandal (UM) is an international leader in advanced composite applications for the maritime, oil & gas, and naval industries. The company developed and constructed the Norwegian Navy’s Skjold class corvette vessels, the fastest naval vessels in the world. UM has since used this expertise and experience to develop a unique CTV (crew transfer vessel), optimised for fast transportation of personnel to and from offshore wind farms.

Umoe Industries

Umoe Industries (UI) is specialised in complete deliveries of anode superstructures, cathode shells and complete deliveries of anode rods to aluminium smelters. The company also carries out maintenance projects, e.g., for Hydro Aluminium Karmøy. UI is located at Karmøy, with production subcontractors in Poland and in China.


Umoe is a minority owner of Jordanes, which owns the branded consumer goods company Scandza, The Feelgood Company, a brand house and e-commerce company, the distributor Bonaventura Scandza, and restaurant owner and operator Dely.

Ocean Sun

Ocean Sun (OS) is a technology leader in the new and rapidly growing industry of floating solar (FPV/floating photovoltaics). OS has filed and been granted patents in key markets such as the US, Europe, China, and Brazil, and operates a highly scalable and asset-light business model, receiving a technology license fee per installed watt. 

OS is listed on Euronext Growth, and Umoe holds 8,9% of the shares.

Differ Energy

Differ Energy develops, builds, and operates solar power plants on the ground and flat roofs in Norway and the Baltic states. As part of the Differ Group, Differ Energy is an active investor and advisor in renewable energy, off-grid, and storage solutions based on solar energy.

Umoe holds 22,4% of the shares.


Inseanergy is an innovative company delivering green energy to the aquaculture sector using floating solar panels on recycled fish cages. Over the next three years, they will develop zero-emission systems to make fish farms self-sufficient in energy, demonstrating green leadership in circular economy practices and emission reduction.

Umoe holds 30,3% of the shares.