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Our history

Umoe was founded in 1984 by Mr Jens Ulltveit-Moe as a shipping company, and then expanded into manufacturing and oil services, in part through the acquisition of lifeboat manufacturer Schat-Harding and the shipyard Haugesund Mekaniske Verft (renamed Umoe Oil & Gas).

In 2000, Umoe sold Umoe Oil & Gas to ABB, and throughout the 2000s gradually expanded into new sectors and companies, partly through the acquisitions of Umoe Restaurants, Kverneland and PGS.

In the 2010s, Umoe’s transition towards renewable energies and clean technology began in full, through new acquisitions of the biofuels company Umoe Bioenergy in Brazil and the solar company REC Silicon, and by re-directing our portfolio companies towards opportunities linked to renewable energy and the global energy transition.