Idealized by CTC – Sugarcane Technology Center and by BASF, the first edition of CANAMÁXIMA Challenge was officially closed on December 2, 2015. The main goal of the challenge was to stimulate the sugarcane industry to achieve maximum productivity of sugarcane, increasing the current production using already available on the market technologies, making good planning of activities, thus seeking to use the knowledge and practice of its professionals linked to the production area by stimulating the technical teams of the plants to dare in their ideas, using innovative farming practices that enable to extract the maximum potential of culture, sustainability and profitability.

The determination was made after the harvest of all participating areas, where it was possible to prove that the average TCH (tons of cane per hectare) of CANAMÁXIMA areas of variety ctc15 was 9 tons higher than the average South Centre. Already CTC4 areas that participated in the program achieved an additional gain of TCH 12 tonnes compared to the same areas of environment and characteristics throughout the South Centre.

The commitment of the entire combined production team with a focused management, assured toUMOE BIOENERGY the first place in the category “Restrictive Environments” among the 39 participating plants, with productivity of 115 t / ha in the third cut cane and 129 kg atr. throughout the period of the challenge, which was May 2014 to October 2015.

January 27th, 2016