Umoe’s investments across the services sector include major global restaurant brands, business parks, consulting services and power generation. Our family of companies include:

Umoe Restaurants

Umoe Restaurants AS is the leading restaurant and cafe chain in Scandinavia, with a projected annual turnover of four billion NOK and approximately 2,400 full-time employees in over 360 restaurants and cafes.

Brands within the group include Peppes Pizza, Burger King, TGI Friday's, Starbucks and Blender – consisting of Cafe Opus, La Baguette amongst others. The company also owns and operates a number of concept and airport restaurants at Flesland, Sola, Torp, Oslo, Bodø and Værnes airports, as well as 50% of Togservice Norway AS.

We offer friendly meeting places and good food and drink for our guests in the growing Scandinavian market for urban living.

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Umoe Restaurants location map
Location: Norway, Sweden & Denmark 2,400 full-time employees


Sønnico is a nationwide electrical contractor. Since its inception the company has been an important community builder and key supplier of a wide range of electrical services, and has worked on numerous landmark projects including the Norwegian Parliament building, Aker Brygge and Oslo Airport Gardermoen. The company places a strong emphasis on health and safety, and is committed to using sustainable materials and environmentally friendly working practices.

With a workforce of more than 400 employees, Sønnico has revenues of about 440 million NOK

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Sønnico location map
Location: Oslo 448 employees

Umoe Mandal

Umoe Mandal is an international leader in advanced composite applications for the maritime, oil & gas and naval industries. We design and develop state-of-the-art lightweight composites for the production of ships, infrastructures and associated components; and are proud to have built the Skjold class corvettes and Oksøy class mine hunters for the Royal Norwegian Navy.

Our pioneering R&D programs include the design and manufacturing of a new type of service vessel to the offshore wind industry, as well as surface effect solutions for the US Navy. Employing 160 people, the company has a turnover of about 200 million NOK, and is located in Mandal and Kristiansand.

Umoe Advanced Composites is the world's leading provider of lightweight composite pressure vessels for the oil and gas industry. At half the weight of steel pressure vessels, and delivering a 67% reduction in inertia. Umoe Advanced Composites AS is a subsidiary of Umoe Mandal AS. The company has annual sales of 50 million NOK.

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Umoe Mandal location map
Location: Mandal, Norway 160 employees

Umoe Industries

Umoe Industries (UI) operations are primarily aimed at aluminium manufacturers in Europe, North-America and in the Middle East, and for the oil & gas industry primarily for Norwegian Clients. The company has been a supplier for several international projects. The company has specialized in complete deliveries of anode superstructures, cathode shells and anode rods to aluminium smelters and waste heat recovery units, davits, modules, foundations, manifolds and subsea installations to the oil & gas industry. All the production work for new facilities is carried out through Umoe Industries subcontractors in Poland or China, managed by the company's 17 engineers and project managers in Norway, Poland and China. The company employs its own engineers in Poland and China.

A lot of Umoe Industries operations also target the maintenance and modification market and, through its subsidiary Umoe Karmsund, the company is considerably involved with Hydro Aluminium Karmøy.

UI market position is very good, the financial situation is strong and the competitiveness of the company is normally of top three.


Skude Industri AS is a subsidiary of Umoe Industries AS. Skude Industri’s main operations for construction, mechanical and assembly work come from Norwegian and international aluminum smelters, offshore construction yards, service companies, oil companies, shipping and rig companies.

Eight modern, fully complimented workshops for construction, surface treatment, painting and maintenance, as well as an office complex, grant Skude Industri all the facilities we require. In addition, Skude Industri AS offers dry dock and ship repairs.

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Umoe Industries location map
Location: Karmøy, Norway 35 employees

Umoe Consulting

Umoe Consulting is a leading national IT consultancy. With offices in Oslo and Bergen, the company offers expert professional input in a range of areas, including IT strategy, systems development, SAP, business intelligence, procurement, analysis, design and specification, systems architecture, SharePoint, documentation processes, test management and project frameworks.

The company has been established for more than 30 years and employs approximately 30 staff.

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Umoe Consulting location map
Location: Bergen and Oslo 30 employees